Mankato Area Foundation 2021 Philanthropy Review, pages 11-13

Rod Meyer's partnership with the Mankato Area Foundation is highlighted in Mankato Area Foundation's 2021 Philanthropy Review. It highlights how donor advised funds can serve a community and Rod's continued financial work with a long-term client to help realize her philanthropic goals. For full brochure, please see the Mankato Area Foundation's website.

Matt Norland on Financial Advisors Utilizing Philanthropy

Matt Norland describes how financial advisors utilize philanthropy and his relationship with the Mankato Area Foundation and donor advised funds are highlighted.

Matt Norland, CFP® Featured In MN Valley Business magazine article

Matt Norland, CFP® was recently featured in the December 2019 MN Valley Business Magazine in which he provided financial planning expertise as it relates specifically to business owners.  The article focused on financial decisions business owners must make for their business and for their personal life.

Top 10 Secure Act 2.0 Provisions

The SECURE Act 2.0 was signed into law on December 29, 2022. This link highlights the top 10 provisions.

Donor Advised Funds

The above Donor Advised Funds link will take you to Mankato Area Foundation's detailed publication of what donor advised funds are, how they work and their benefits. Even if you are not from the Mankato Area, this is a good resource summarizing donor advised funds. Please contact us if you would like more information of how a donor advised fund could fit into your overall financial plan.

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